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Fees below are negotiable based on Covid 19 guidelines and how they affect # of teams participating, run time of the meet, if meets are split into multiple days(JV one day and V the next), and other factors. Discounts may apply for 2 or more meets such as HS and MS, as well as meets being held on Mon, Tues, or Wed.


  • Finish Lynx FULL AUTOMATIC TIMING with one camera
  • Results printed immediately on site

STANDARD PACKAGE - Includes ALL of the above, plus:

  • Meet Management (set heats, flights, etc.)
  • Live Results

PREMIER PACKAGE - Includes ALL of the above, plus:

  • Setup Online Registration through Mile Split and resolve any coach/team registration issues.

Covid 19 Meet Experience

Our company has actually put on 10 track meets during the last half of 2020 under this pandemic. We are certain no one has more practical, hands-on experience in putting on meets than our team. While we understand that governmental authorities and school districts will of course have their own guidelines to follow, feel free to use us a resource to help you conduct as safe a meet as possible.

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