Track and Field For Life


  • 10'A-frame ladder for main camera, 4-6' ladder for secondary camera.
  • All possible finish lines freshly painted (preferably non-glossy)
  • White background board or table to be used for camera background (for better images)
  • Sand bags/weights to anchor camera stands
  • The cameras require a power cord and a network cord (that runs to the computer). Plan for this.
  • Capability to run cable from pressbox
  • Secure the area around the camera stand to keep people away.
  • Dedicated radios so timing, hipping, start clerk, and finish clerk can communicate (I have these, but not the best quality)
  • Pressbox area that has space for two laptop computers and printer, preferably in the same area as the announcer. Restricted access allowed to pressbox during the track events part of the meet.
  • Timer needs line of sight to all start/finish lines, so no tents or obstuctions in stands that would interfere with that field of vision.
  • If scoreboard interface desired, advance notice needed. This may require additional setup/consultation fees.

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