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Live Results - Everyone can now access live results on any device.

Full Automatic Timing
The Finish Lynx system measures to one thousandth of a second! There's no guess work! Handheld times and arguments between coaches are a thing of the past! And we can connect to scoreboards and jumbotrons!

Online Registration - Demo Here
Intuitive, rapid online registration to allow anyone to register the athletes for a meet. The techs at Track For Life can export the data into Hytek and many other formats.

Meet Management
OK, you have your entries, now what? Who creates the heat sheets and meet program, assigning lanes and organizing the various divisions? We can provide complete meet management using seed times (if desired) to run the meet in the order you want.

Rapid Results, Team Scores, Bibs, Hip Numbers, Medals, Shirts and more
Through our network, we can provide discounts on many of the common items needed at a meet. With our experience, we'll help you work less while putting on a better meet.

Finish Line Image Sales
Help your meet's bottom line by selling products with race images and results. Contact us for more info. Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3
Image quality will vary depending on lighting, weather conditions, and time of day.

Road Race and Cross Country Finish Line Video
Example Video Click Here (7+ MB, 54 seconds, Music by The Eagles)
Official Finish Line videos available (advance notice required.) Fee depends on # of races, length of race, etc. This Official video is captured by the meet automatic timing system

Tips to Prepare for Automatic Timing Cameras

References available upon request

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